The Joys of Home Ownership

Overall, we absolutely love owning a house. We love having the freedom to decorate and renovate to our liking. But the last few days we've been reminded of the challenges, and costs, that come with it as well.

As you may have noticed by my lack of posts this week, our internet has been out since Monday. Apparently the wiring to our house was bad, so Cox had to trench out our front yard to put in new wiring. Luckily we're now back up and running!

The Pool
Our pool is still tore up without any progress since my post. The resurfacing company, California Pools, knocked out some of our tiles in a couple different spots while they were tearing out the plaster. They took the liberty of replacing them with tiles that matched neither the pattern or color of our existing tile. Needless to say, we weren't ok with that. When we do a project, we get it done right. So, nearly two weeks later, they still have not found any tile that matches ours, and have not offered an alternative solution. Replacing all the tile will cost around $1,000. To cover their mistake. Let's hope they step up and and offer a resolution we're all satisfied with.

A few week ago I purchased this beautiful chandelier to hang above our dining room table:

This weekend we hired an electrician friend of ours, Richie, to come hang it for us. Long story short, the junction box that the chandelier needs to plug into is lost somewhere behind the ceiling or walls of our great room. And there's no way to find it without tearing out a lot of drywall. So we're left with no chandelier (insert very sad face here), two holes in our ceiling (which are going to remain that way till my amazing and super-handy mother-in-law gets into town in two weeks :), and a $120 bill (which was well deserved as Richie and his co-worker spent nearly six hours trying to find a work-around to hang the chandelier!).

While Richie was looking at our electrical, he discovered that our microwave isn't up to code. In order to get it up to code, they're going to have to tear out the cabinets above it, the drywall, and drill a hole all the way up through the roof. We also need to take care of some other electrical issues in the wall behind our sink. So, with all these cabinets needing to come out, we figure this is as good a time as any to undertake the kitchen remodel we were one day hoping to do. With all of our other current house projects, our budget may not be quite what we were hoping, but luckily my uncle's bathroom remodeling company is getting into kitchens, so he's agreed to help us out. I may need all of your help deciding what finishes to go with!

And as though all of that weren't enough, we found ourselves with a leaky toilet on Saturday night. And not just a little water, but towels worth of mopping up. So the water is currently turned off to the toilet and my hubby is hoping to find an easy fix to it by tomorrow. Saying our prayers tonight!

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