Phil and I are beginning to plan a trip to Europe this spring. I've been there before and had the chance to visit Barcelona, Florence, Venice and Dublin, all of which I loved. Phil has never been to Europe. So, we're trying to figure out where to all go while we're there. I would like to visit a few cities that I haven't been to before, but I also don't want Phil to miss out on anything great. We've also talked about possibly doing a Mediterranean cruise. So this is where you come in. If you've been to Europe, please share with us your favorite cities/countries. We'd love your help in planning our trip! Grazie tante!

{sara jayne}  – (September 15, 2008 at 8:07 PM)  

Mediterranean cruise= you need to talk to Sara about this!!! The pluses, the minuses.... ill fill you in!


Bambina Babe  – (September 22, 2008 at 7:42 AM)  

One idea, you could hit the hot spots since it's Phil's first time in Europe, like...

Paris (sooo romantic), London (lots to do and see and only a short chunnel ride away from Paris), and maybe Switzerland or Germany. I just love the French Riviera, but that may be too close to where you went in Spain and Italy.

If you do go on a Mediterranean cruise, Santorini, Greece, would be what I would reccommend -- it's probably my favorite place in the world. =) There are a lot of beautiful Greek islands to see (Mikinos is another). Athens is amazing as well. In the spring, the Mediterranean probably wouldn't be as hot as when we went (summer), but I'm not sure if it would be warm enough for the beach or not - you could check.

We just got back from a cruise last night, and we were talking about a Med. cruise and whether or not we would like it. It's so convenient -- just drops you off everywhere you would want to go, and you get to stay in one place so you can unpack your bags. The main drawback (for me at least) is that you don't get to stay like a "local" and meet as many people or try as much food and stuff. That's just me though, because I love the culture there. But the nice part is that you could visit so many different cities, and it would be so easy!

Let me know if you need any more help or have any questions!

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