Wedding Website

I recently put together a fun little website containing wedding details for our guests, using a WordPress blog. (As a web development sidenote, I'm loving WordPress as a content management system!) We're still adding content, but feel free to check it out at Enjoy!


Engagement Photos

Phil and I just had the pleasure of having our engagement photos taken by Kimberly Bee of Kimberly Bee Photography. I absolutely love her work and have followed her blog for awhile now. She has such a creative eye and incredible Photoshop skills. I'm so thrilled that she will also be flying to Sioux Falls to take our wedding photos for us! So, below are a few of our photos, taken in Carefree, Arizona. They have yet to be edited with Kimberly's fancy Photoshop skills, but you get the idea. Love, love, love!


Conference IQ Website Redesign

I have completed a site refresh for Conference IQ, an online meeting product. The only challenge on this was keeping the design within a Joomla template that was already in place. Even despite that, I'm really happy with the final layout. I designed the homepage and the secondary page template, and the client took it from there and loaded their content. Check it out at


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