Happy Halloween all you Mavericks!

This year I was aiming to win the "Time Capsule" award at work, so I joined my friend Kristen for a very now group costume. Kristen dressed as Sarah Palin, complete with her $150,000 suit and rifle, and I came as her pregnant daughter, Bristol, including baby brother Trig. But this was all in good humor, as I'm a McCain supporter. We had a lot of fun, including lots of "You betcha's" and "Maverick" comments. And now I have a slight inkling into what it must feel like to be preggers. My back is killing me! And for some reason I'm really craving chocolate...

Bambina Babe  – (November 1, 2008 at 5:47 AM)  

Love it! So cute.

Wow, your coworker really looks like Sarah Palin!

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