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Anyone who tries to eat healthy knows the frustration of having to pay more for fresh, good-for-you food. Therefore, I'm always super excited when I find ways to cut costs and still eat healthy. Enter Bountiful Baskets. Phil and I joined the co-op last fall and have been loving it ever since. Here's how it works:

1. Go to between noon on Tuesday and 10PM on Wednesday.

2. Create and account, return to the homepage, and select your state (currently serving Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Washington and Wyoming).

3. Select your pick-up location. These are usually in public parks.

4. Add a basket to your cart for $15.00. Each basket contains about 50% fruit and 50% vegetables. You won't know what you're getting till you pick it up, so you have to be pretty open. But all produce is high quality, fresh, in-season, and typically from local farmers.

5. Select any additional items you would like to add to your basket. These vary every week, but can include case fruit, bread, Italian pack, Mexican pack, tortillas, olive oil, granola, cookies, etc. All fresh with no preservatives. Prices vary, typically between $6 and $10.

6. Check out and pay for your basket by credit or debit card. $1.50 service charge will be added to each order. $3.00 will be added to your first order to join the co-op.

7. Pick up your basket at your selected location on Saturday morning. Be sure to check your specific pick-up time and arrive within 20 minutes of that time. All produce not picked up within the 20 minute window is donated to a local firehouse. Bring a laundry basket or bags to carry your produce home, as no containers are provided.

Here is sample of what we received in our basket the first week:

My friend Steph priced out all items at the grocery store last week and determined our $15 basket contained $35 of produce! Depending on each weeks offerings, I would estimate the baskets to be worth anywhere from $30 to $50. Now that's some real savings for eating healthy!

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