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I still can't believe it: I'm turning 29 in just two short days! I don't feel 29. More like 26. I suppose that's better than feeling older than I really am! No matter what the number, I'm so thankful for another amazing year. I feel like God has really poured out his blessings on me this past year, and fulfilled so many of my heart's desires. I'm excited to see what these last 12 months before 30 will bring! There's one thing in particular I'm really hoping for... a MASSAGE! The past few weeks at work have been super busy and I've clocked far too many hours in front of the computer. My neck would love an hour of relaxation. So what else is on my wishlist?

My computer bag is literally falling apart. But I would like to replace it with just a simple laptop sleeve. I'd like something simple and classy like these beauties:

My running shoes are totally shot from using them for hiking. I would love a pair of black Nikes to wear to the gym and for our evening runs.

That's it. I can honestly say I have pretty much everything I want/need and more: a loving husband, amazing family, loyal friends, an inspiring church, beautiful home, sassy dog, and a job that pays the bills. What more could a girl want? Well, maybe just one more little "something"... ;-)

Have you had a particular birthday that felt different or significant in some way? Or a milestone birthday that surprised you with how insignificant it felt?

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